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DT830D Digital Multimeter

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    • This pocket sized 3  ½ digit multimeter is used for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, resistance, transistor measurement, diode and audible continuity test function.
    • Full range overload protection and low battery voltage indication are provided.
    • This is an ideal instrument for use in the field on construction sites, in the laboratory, or workshop and for hobby and home applications.
    AC Voltage Ranges750V, 200V
    DC Voltage Ranges1000V, 200V, 20V, 2V, 200mV
    DC Current Ranges10A, 200mA, 20mA, 2mA
    Resistance Ranges2000 kOHM, 200 kOHM, 20 kOHM, 2 kOHM, 200 OHM
    Continuity TesterBEEPS if resistance is lower than 100 OHM Diode Tester Transistor Tester
    Square Wave Generator5V p-p 50Hz
    Compact Size12.6cm x 7cm x 2.8cm
    Light Weight140gm

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