Earthquake/Vibration Alarm DIY KIT


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    Earthquake Alert is important in our human life. Using this simple circuit we to get the alert at any kind of vibration/Earthquake.This circuit is very easy to assemble by hobbyists at any level.If any kind of vibration occurred in the ground surface then the buzzer will on.This circuit will operate on the 9V.

    Working/About the Circuit:

    we use the Piezo Electric plate for detecting the vibration of the earthquake.The Piezo Plate is attached to the ground so it is work as the sensor.The piezoelectric plate can convert any vibration into an electrical signal. The output of the electrical signal attached to the transistor T1.T1 amplifies the signal and delivers amplified output to another transistor T2. The T2 trigger output signal delivered to the 555 IC so on that based the buzzer will start.


      • Briefcase Alarm
      • Door-Knock Alarm
      • Vibration sensor used in the Shutter of a shop security

      Kit Includes:

      • All the required Components, Schematic diagram & Single page user manual for Circuit Building. 

      Note: This Kit is Unassemble user can assemble it on your Own Self.

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