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Automatic Temperature Controlled DIY Kit


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    We bring forth the best Temperature Switch for our valued clients. We are a reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Temperature Switch, operating from India. Temperature Switch automatically switches ON, when the temperature rises to about 60oC. Temperature Switch is a very simple circuit build around IC1, which is operated in monostable mode and temperature sensor diode D1. At temperature about 60oC, the sensor triggers IC1, which makes output of IC1 at high level and energizes the relay. In addition, Temperature Switch turn OFF as temperature goes below 60oC.

    Working/About the Circuit:

    The circuit of Temperature Switch is shown in figure. Sensor Diode D1 in reverse bias is connected to trigger pin2 of IC1. At temperature below 60oC, the reverse resistance of D1 is very high, which keeps trigger pin2 of IC1 at a voltage greater than 1/3Vcc. Hence, IC1 does not get trigger, which gives low pulse at output pin3. As a result, transistor T1 is in cut off state and relay remains off.

    As soon as the temperature reaches to about 60oC, the reverse resistance of D1 drops to a very low value normally less than 1KW. In this case, it is considered as forward bias. As a result, voltage at pin2 goes below 1/3Vcc. Now IC1 gets triggered and output at pin3 goes to high level, which causes T1 to conduct. Relay connected to collector of T1 now becomes on. In addition, LED D4 glows which gives visual indication. The sensitivity of the circuit is adjusted with the aid of P1. The circuit requires a DC power supply of 9V to 12V. Diode D3 is used as a rectifier diode whereas capacitor C4 is used for filtering.


    • Automatic FAN Controlled
    • Home Automation
    • Industrial Automation

    Note: This kit comes unassembled, User can assemble easily with the included user guide.

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