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PulsEvo Trimpot Potentiometer (RM065) Variable Resistor Kit 100PCS | 500E to 1M Ohmes | Best for DIY Prototyping

SKU: 9066

1) Resistor type: Variable resistor
2) Pitch size: 5mm
3) Colour: Blue and white
4) Pin counts: 3
5) Mounting type: PCB or Through Hole
6) Total rotation angle: 200±20°

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    Get the 100PCS RM065 Variable Resistors with 10 different values in the single kit by PulsEvo. This Kit has 100 Variable Resistors with 10 different values that are great for all sorts of projects. These resistors are used in PCB and Electronics circuits.

    Additionally, you will get the Durable Plastic Storage Box which helps you to always keep the variable resistors organized and to transport the product anywhere, and keep your resistors secured and free from damaging and Mixing with other components.

    • A trimmer potentiometer, also known as a trim pot, is a type of variable resistor or adjustable potentiometer that can adjust, tune, and calibrate circuits.
    • These trimmer resistors are often used to initially calibrate equipment after manufacturing.


    • Maximum Resistance: 1K Ohm
    • Type: RM065
    • Maximum Voltage: 350VDC
    • Nominal Power: 0.5W
    • Effective Travel: 28 Turns
    • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to +150°C

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