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PulsEvo DuPont Connector 2.54mm Terminal Kit 510Pcs

SKU: 9073

1) No of connector: 310
2) Connector Type: Dupont wire
3) Pin Spacing: 2.54 mm
4) Suitable for wire Gauge: 22 to 26

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    Dupont cable is the most commonly used wire. As Dupont cable is more flexible to use you need such a flexible connector set. Here in this kit, in which you can find a variety of one row and two-row reusable connectors from 1pin to 6pin which is a must-have for your workstation. You’ll have enough sockets and plugs for your all-purpose daily DIY needs.!

    Get the PulsEvo 310PCS 2.54mm DuPont Connector with 7 different sizes in a single kit. These connectors are really common in electronics, we use the 2 pin ones for our batteries and battery packs. The 3 pins and 4 pins are used for STEMMA connectors. The 4 pin size is even compatible with Grove! They are large enough that you can crimp without too much difficulty.

    The kit comes with Good Quality Plastic box with a separator to keep the connector in a sorted manner.

    • Dupont is also called Jumper Wire cables. 

    • They are low-cost and used to connect hardware such as sensors, Arduino boards, and breadboards together. 

    • The connectors are available in males and females with a 2.54mm (100mill) pitch.


    • Fits standard Dupont style 2.54mm (0.1″) male and female pins
    • Easy to add and change pins
    • These connectors are really common in electronics

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