BCD to 7 Segment Display DIY Kit


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    To display any number in English we require seven segment display. The drivers for driving these displays are abundantly available. As well as decoders from binary to seven segment code are also available. With the help of these decoders and drivers we can incorporate these display in any system where numbers are to be displayed.

    Working/About the Circuit:

    The IC 7447 is a decoder driver for seven-segment display, common anode CA type. It converts BCD code to seven-segment code and drives each segment of LED in seven segments LED display. It has 8 LEDs inside one body and have normally 10 pins . Two pins are allotted for common and 8 for segments (a to f and dp). CA has all anodes connected together, brought out as common pin and cathodes are available individually at terminal pins. Similarly in CC, all cathodes are connected together, brought out as common pin and anodes are available individually.

    When we need to glow a particular segment ,we must pull it down by driving the individual pin low.Exactly same thing happens when we feed BCD code at input of 7447. It converts BCD code to seven segments.To achieve leading zero blanking of displays in a multi digit display, RBI pin of a most significant decoder is connected to ground, and its BIRBO pin is connected to next lower order decoder and thus cascading all will achieve leading zero blanking.This facility can be useful to practice for beginners. IC2 ( 7805) is a 5- v regulator provided to supply power to the IC 7447 and to display.Rectified DC filtered Input to this circuit can be between 8.5 to 12 volts.


      • 7 Segment

      • BCD to 7 Segment Display

      Note: This kit comes unassembled, User can assemble easily with the included user guide.

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