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MindQuad DIY 4WD Robotics Learning Kit

SKU: 9105

1) SUN SUNROBOTICS ROBO CONTROLLER is an All-in-One ROBO Controller Board.
2) The Kit is Best Because You Don't Need a Separate Motor Driver.
3) Specially Designed for Robotics Applications from Sunrobotics.
4) The Kit Comes with a 4WD Chassis and Electronics Components.
5) Everything is on Board So Easy to interfacing Modules and Sensors.
6) Great Kit For Learning Robotics and Arduino Coding.
7)Multiple projects can be built with this single Robo controller board.

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    Sun Robotics Robo Controller Development board is a powerful development platform based on the Atmega 328P microcontroller with a socket added to Bluetooth Communication Module, Also, the controller board has an integrated input/output sensor pinout for connecting sensors and modules, The board is powered using DC jack/ USB. Separate berg headers are provided for interfacing, Ultrasonic, IR sensor, Servo motor, etc. Four 2 pin Screw terminals for connecting DC motors Also, direct interfacing of PWM to the board is possible. the board is really useful for robotic applications and the key importance is that interfacing using the board is really easy. The kit comes with 4WD robotics chassis and Electronics components like Bluetooth, Ultrasonic, IR Sensor, Rechargeable cell with Charger and battery holder, and many more. Educational learning kit for beginners (kids) to get hands-on experience about Robotics & Can extend electronics systems like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. Realizing functions of Tracing, Obstacle Avoidance, Distance Testing, Speed Testing, and wireless remote control many more.

    Key points:

    • Arduino Nano.
    • USB Male A to Mini B Connector.
    • Two separate regulated 6 - 12v DC power supplies.
    • On-Board On/Off switch.
    • On-Board DC jack for powering up using adaptors.
    • On-board L293D dual DC motor driver.
    • On-board TSOP IR receiver.
    • On-Board PWM Interfacing.
    • On-Board Bluetooth 
    • Berg headers for external interfacing


    • SUN ROBOTICS ROBOT CONTROLLER is an All-in-One ROBO controller board. 
    • Specially designed for robotics applications from Sunrobotics.
    • The kit comes with 4WD chassis and Electronics components.
    • Everything is on board so easy to interfacing modules and sensors.
    • Great kit for learning Robotics and Arduino Coding.
    • Multiple projects can be built with this single Robo controller board.








    Package Includes:

    • 1 x SunRobotics Robo Controller 

    • 1 x 4WD V2 Chassis Black

    • 1 x Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Distance Sensor Module

    • 1 x Tower Pro 9G Micro Servo Motor

    • 1 x Bluetooth HC-05 Wireless UART Module Generic

    • 1 x Obstacle 5 IR Sensor Array with Arduino compatible

    • 1 x Battery Holder Case for 2 x 18650 Series Battery Generic

    • 1 x Rocker On-Off SPST Mini Switch 2 Pin 3A 250V AC 

    • 1 x High-Speed USB Printer Cable A to B Male to Male

    • 1 x Li-ion 2 Cell Battery Charger Universal AC Wall For 18650 

    • 1 x Taparia 810 Steel Two in One Screw Driver (Green and Silver)

    • 2 x M2 10mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screw 

    • 2 x M3 12mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screw 

    • 2 x TXT ICR18650 2200mAh Li-ion Battery

    • 2 x  M3 x 10 Standoff Brass Nickel Plated Female to Female

    • 2 x M2 Nut

    • 3 x IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module Generic

    • 3 x M3 10mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screw

    • 4 x DC motor Dual Shaft BO Motor 300 rpm Straight Generic

    • 4 x M3 X 12mm Female-Female Standoff Spacer

    • 4 x M3 x 6mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screws

    • 4 x Tracked Wheel for BO Motor – Yellow – 65mm x 26mm

    • 6 x M3 FM 40mm: Standoff

    • 8 x M3 30mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screw

    • 10 x Female to Male Jumper Wire

    • 10 x Male to Male Jumper Wire

    • 17 x M3 8mm CSK Countersunk Philips Head Screw  

    • 20 x Female to Female Jumper Wires 

    • 22 x M3 Nut SS

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