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PulsEvo Mini Blade Auto Car Standard Fuse for Car / RV / Truck / Motorcycle / Boat (40pcs)

SKU: 9118

1) Operating Current Range:30A,20A,15A,10A,40A,35A,25A
2) Material: Zinc Alloy & Plastic
3) Color: Assorted colors
4) Type: Micro Mini

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    Fuses are included in all your car's various electrical circuits to protect components from surges of electricity. If too much current flows through the circuit, the fuse will blow - interrupting the circuit and halting the flow of electricity, protecting the components further down the circuit. Different types of Blade fuses are included in the kit, all of these are made of zinc alloy and Plastic and are lightweight and durable. The fuses come in a clear storage box and can be used in cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, homes, and industrial applications.


    • Operating Current Range:30A,20A,15A,10A,40A,35A,25A

    • Material: Zinc Alloy & Plastic

    • Color: Assorted colors

    • Type: Micro Mini

    Package Include:

    • 5 x 10A Small Car Blade Fuse Clippers 

    • 5 x 15A Small Car Blade Fuse Clippers

    • 5 x 25A Small Car Blade Fuse Clippers

    • 5 x 30A Small Car Blade Fuse Clippers

    • 5 x 35A Small Car Blade Fuse Clippers

    • 5 x 40A Small Car Blade Fuse Clippers

    • 10 x 20A Small Car Blade Fuse Clippers

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