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PulsEvo IC Chip Plug-in 78pcs Base Kit Ideal for General Purpose PCB Prototyping

SKU: 9126

1) Molded notch for proper orientation.
2) Easy to insert and remove ICs.

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    The kit contains Different types of IC blocks, which can be soldered directly onto the PCB. The IC can be removed from this socket when required. IC is placed on the socket at the time of use and the base acts as a removable IC holder. 

    Additionally, you will get the  Durable Plastic Storage Box which helps you to always keep the products organized and to transport the IC Chip Plug-in Base anywhere, and keep your products secured and free from damaging and Mixing with other components.

    • The socket is used when the IC is temperature sensitive and the heat from the soldering iron can damage the IC.
    • This socket is used when working with a microcontroller IC and can be removed for programming.


    •  These connectors are designed to provide a compressive interconnect between component leads and a printed circuit board (PCB).
    • Extremely small in size
    •  Reliability
    • Easy replacement.

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