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Arduino Uno Based Super Starter Kit with Full Learning Guide Including Codes and Tutorials By SunRobotics V2.0

SKU : 9157

1) All-in-one kit, a great starter kit for learning to code.
2) Great for Starting with Arduino Programming
3) A variety of components are included in this pack to try out different projects.

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    Arduino Uno Based Super Starter Kit by Sunrobotics. This kit comes with many interesting different types of components like Ultrasonic sensor, TSOP, IR remote, PIR motion sensor, and many more. With these components, you can create endless projects. We provide PDF tutorials, videos, and CD/DVD. This tutorial focused on introducing Arduino software and code to drive electronic devices. No prior experience is required, as the kits introduce both coding and electronics with circuit diagrams through fun, engaging, and hands-on projects. You don't need soldering skills just plug and play and have fun with the kit.

    Key Points:

    • A variety of components are included in the kit to make Endless Projects.

    • A great way to learn about analog- digital sensors with 65+ Components and modules.

    • No soldering skills are required, it’s come with a high-quality breadboard and jumpers wire.


    • This kit is perfect for beginners or experts in this field.

    • We offer Analog and Digital Sensor to create your own DIY projects.

    • Easy to learn about microcontrollers using an Arduino board.

    • We provide a CD/DVD with a user guide, video tutorial, and software link.

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Arduino Uno R3 Compatible Board 

    • ​1 x USB Cable (50cm) 

    • ​1 x Breadboard 83x55mm 

    • ​1 x 0.56" common-anode 7-Segment LED 

    • ​1 x 1602 LCD 

    • ​1 x 5V Active buzzer 

    • ​1 x 20P Male-to-Male Breadboard Wires 

    • ​1 x 20P Male-to-Female Breadboard Wires 

    • ​1 x 9V Battery Connector 

    • ​1 x Temperature and humidity sensor (DHT11) 

    • 1 X Metal TSOP1838 Infrared Receiver

    • ​1 x Touch Sensor 

    • ​1x PIR motion sensor 

    • ​1 x Infrared receiver 

    • ​1 x Infrared remote controller (with a CR2025 battery 160mAh) 

    • ​1 x Ultrasonic sensor 

    • ​1 x Magnetic Reed Switch 

    • ​2 x Self-locking button 

    • ​2 x Photo-resistor 

    • 3 x 8mm common-anode RGB LED 

    • ​3 x Button 

    • ​5 x Electrolytic capacitor 220uF 

    • ​5 x Electrolytic capacitor 47uF 

    • ​5 x Ceramic capacitor 100nF 

    • ​5 x 5mm red LED 

    • ​5 x 5mm green LED 

    • ​5 x 5mm blue LED 

    • ​25 x Resistor, 220ohm 1% 1/4W 

    • ​25 x Resistor, 1k 1% 1/4W 

    • ​25 x Resistor, 10k 1% 1/4W 

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