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PulsEvo UNO R3 Ultimate Starter Kit V2 With 25+ Projects Learning Kit Including Detailed Tutorial

SKU: 9162

1) Great for starting with arduino programming
2) The kit comes with quality components.
3) All-in-one kit, a great starter kit for learning to code.
4) A variety of components are Included in this pack to Try out different projects.

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    This arduino Uno R3 beginners Kit is great for absolute beginners. The kit comes with numbered components that would create 15 unique projects from a blinking LED to an RGB light dimmer. A good thing about this UNO kit is that is very under-appreciated when it comes to electronics kits. 

    It is never a bad idea to have extra parts like LEDs, jumper wires, and resistors around. Beginners can learn the basics of Arduino programming as well as the expert in programming. From this kit, you will get what Arduino is all about and how it is used.

    Whether you are a beginner or already have experience with arduino under your belt, This arduino beginners kit by sunrobotics.in will be a fun way to expand your knowledge. Building some creative and simple projects is a great way to walk through coding and basic electronic circuits knowledge.

    This kit includes everything you need to get started with electronics using an arduino and a lot of things that will take you from a beginner to an enthusiast. It includes all of the basics: Arduino UNO board, breadboard, cables, LEDs, resistors, and pushbutton switches.

    Great for robot prototyping: Includes servo motor, ultrasonic module and etc.


    • Great for starting with arduino programming

    • The kit comes with quality components.

    • All-in-one kit, a great starter kit for learning to code.

    • A variety of components are included in this pack to try out different projects.

    Package Include:
    • 1 x Arduino Uno R3 Board Development Board

    • 1 x High-Speed USB Printer Cable A to B Male to Male 1 Meter

    • 1 x IR Car remote controller

    • 1 x Unipolar Stepper Motor (28BYJ-48-5V)

    • 1 x ULN2003 (SO16) Driver Array IC

    • 1 x Breadboard Power Supply 3.3V/5V

    • 1 x Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Distance Sensor Module

    • 1 x Battery 9V Snap Connector to DC Jack Male Connector

    • 1 x DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    • 1 x 10K Potentiometer Tone Control

    • 1 x 5mm RGB Led Module

    • 1 x PCB Mount Piezo Buzzer Goli Buzzer

    • 1 x PCB Mount 5V Passive Buzzer

    • 1 x 74HC595 shift registers IC

    • 1 x Arduino Mega Protoshield prototype expansion board+ Mini Breadboard

    • 1 x SunRobotics 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD Breakout Board

    • 1 x LED Matrix Display 8x8 Size 32x32 MM

    • 1 x 2.54mm MALE BERG STRIP 40X1 PIN BREAK-AWAY Straight HEADER 

    • 1 x Tower Pro 9G Micro Servo Motor

    • 1 x 7 Segment Common Anode 0.56 Inch Red LED Display

    • 1 x Seven Segment Red LED Display CC 4 Digit 0.4 Inch

    • 1 x Solderless Breadboard MB-102 High Quality

    • 2 x SW-18020P Vibration Switch - Shake Switch

    • 2 x IR & Photodiode Pair

    • 3 x Photoresistor Light Sensitive 20mm LDR Sensor

    • 5 x BLUE LED Diffused Lens 5mm

    • 5 x Green LED Diffused Lens 5mm

    • 5 x RED LED Diffused Lens 5mm

    • 5 x Tact Switch + Tact Cap 12*12*7.3 MM Yellow Color 

    • 10 x 220E 1/4W Resistor

    • 10 x 330 Ohm 1/4W Resistor

    • 10 x 10K 1/4W Resistor

    • 10 x 1K 1/4W Resistor

    • 20 x Female to Female Jumper Wires 

    • 65 x Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires Male to Male 65pcs

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