DC 5V 600mA Power Bank Charger Step Up Boost Converter by Generic

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    • Module features: Non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
    • Input voltage: 1-5 V
    • Output voltage: 5.1-5. 2 V
    • Output current: rated 1A-1.5A (single lithium input), maximum 1.5A (single lithium input)
    • Efficiency: up to 96% (the higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency)
    • Switching frequency: 500 KHz
    • Output fluctuation: 30mV (MAX) 20M bandwidth (input 4V output 5.1V 1A)
    • Voltage indicator: load with LED lights (input voltage less than 2.7V LED indicator off)
    • Operating temperature: industrial (-40 ° c to + 85 ° c)
    • Full load temperature rise: 30 ° c
    • Silent current: 130uA
    • Load regulation: ± 1%
    • Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%
    • Dynamic response rate: 5% 200uS
    • Short circuit protection: none (please use lithium battery with protection.)
    • Input reverse polarity protection: none
    • Connection: welding
    • Introduction: + positive, in-negative
    • Output: USB output


    • DIY a mobile power supply, you just need a battery, 5V voltage for your phone, MP3, MP4, PSP charger, can output very easy.
    • Order power when your electronic devices when the device needs 5V power supply, when only lithium battery, this module can directly step-up to 5V, solve problems