13S 48V 8800mah E-bike Li-ion battery 18650

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    PRODUCT Description:

    As a premier E-bike Li-ion battery pack manufacturer/assembler, 13S 48V 8800mah Lithium-Ion battery packs (18650) as the preferred power solution for today’s portable equipment. The cell in a Li-ion battery pack provides a higher energy density per unit volume and unit weight than Ni-based batteries. In addition, their higher voltage and lighter weight contribute significantly to the downsizing, weight reduction, and simplified operation of electronic devices.


    • Lithium-ion or Li-ion battery packs (18650)
    • High energy density, lightweight, high capacity
    • Capable of over 500 cycles
    • No ‘memory effect’, providing a complete charge with each cycle
    • Flat discharge voltage, allowing the production of stable power during usage
    • Cylindrical & prismatic forms
    • Special design for E-bike 

    E-bike battery Technical Specifications:

    Capacity 8800mah
    Minimum Discharge Voltage:  43.2V
    Discharge capacity:  2C
     Charging Voltage 30V
     Charging current: 1 to 5 A
    Charging Time:4 hours (approx)
    Single Cell Weight: 48g (approx)
    Single Cell Dimension: 8.4mm (dia) and 65mm (height)
    Single Cell Type 18650


    • 1  X  13S 48V 8800mah E-bike Li-ion battery 18650