Mini Robot Chassis 2 Wheel Smart Robot Car DIY Kit by Generic

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    This DIY car soldering kit is easy to assemble, designed to help kids, electronic hobbyist and novices learn about basic knowledge of soldering simple circuits, photoelectric sensor circuit, voltage cooperator, motor driving, the infrared sensor, C51 MCU, etc., teaching through lively activities, and inspire the interest in learning.Smart tracking car is based on the principle of the light reflectivity difference, when light emitting on the white and black items, the red LED and photoreceptor as the sensor circuit to control the car running direction automatically, a photoresistance resistance is used to tell robot car whether it''s on the right way or not, and run directly along the black tracking line, you can use the 1.5~2.0 cm black electrical tape on the ground to design the multifarious runway.