M2 x 12 Socket Head Allen Cap SS Screw 10 pcs

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     M2x12 Socket Head Allen Cap SS Screw is popular machine. The countersunk head is typically used in conjunction with a countersunk hole providing a flush, sag-free fit. These bolts are always fully threaded.

     M2x12 Socket Head Allen Cap SS Screw mostly used in robot chassis and body fitting. They are also found on consumer electronics and other small machinery where high torque fasteners are not necessary. These M2x12 Socket Head Allen Cap SS Screw are made up of Stainless steel material which offers high tensile strength and excellent corrosion protection which is the pivotal property of Stainless steel. An alternative for using them without nuts is to install them directly into a compatible female threaded hole on an application.

     These set of Bolts can generally be taken in use of small/Medium or also in Heavy duty fittings as well as in your DIY projects and mostly use in robotics Chasis assemblings. As per your specific requirements, the full range is available from 6 to 65 mm length and M2 to M5 Diameters on  our website.


    • Hardness is 2 times higher than copper, 10 times higher than aluminium

    • Hexagon angular groove depth of more deep, will not slip and hence more convenient for hand tightening


    • Length (L)                                   : 12mm

    • Material                                       : Stainless Steel (A2)

    • Screw Thread Pitch                   : 0.4mm

    • Thread Length (Reference)      :12mm

    • Thread Size (T)                           : M2 (2mm)

    • Head Diameter (D)                     : 3.8mm

    • Head Length (H)                         : 2mm

    • Hexagon A/F (J)                         : 1.5mm

    • Shank Length (U) [Max]             : 1.2mm


    • 1 X  M2x12 Socket Head Allen Cap SS Screw 10 pcs