Arduino Based 4WD Multiple Robot DIY Kit Unassembled/No Guide

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    This Arduino based 4WD Multiple Robot DIY Kit  is a simple yet versatile 4WD Robot Car Chassis Kit designed specifically for students and hobbyists. Featuring large size chassis plates cut from acrylic and designed with numerous holes and mounting points, providing plenty of space to carry a PCB board and any additional components that you choose. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

    This kit includes all of the parts needed to assemble the 4WD Robot Car Chassis Kit as well as a 6 x AA battery holder and four gear motors with 65mm wheels.etc.


    • ​2 x Robot Chassis​

    • 4 x BO Motor

    • 4 x Wheels

    • 1 x BO Motor Fitting accessories(set)

    • 1 x UNO r3 Board

    • 1 x L298N Motor Driver Board

    • 1 x 170 Point Breadboard

    • 1 x Sensor Extension Plate V4

    • 1 x 6 Cell(AA) Holder

    • 1 x SG90 Servo

    • ​1 x Servo motor Bracket set

    • 1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

    • 3 x TCRT5000 Tracing Module

    • ​1 x Infrared Receiving Sensor Module

    • 1 x IR Remote

    • 1 x 9v Battery holder with DC plug

    • ​1 x 40pin Dupont Line(Male-Female)

    • 1 x Arduino UNO USB cable

    • 1 x Screw Set.​