Clamp for Mounting BO Motors by Generic

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    Uses these clamps to mount our BO motors. It comes with holes which align onto the motor holes and holes for mounting the clamp onto a chassis. Thus it increases the usability of the motor and makes motor mounting very convenient. This clamp or mount bracket is designed for BO Motors. Material: Steel, thickness: 1 mm, motor mounting side: height - 25 mm, width - 22 mm. Bracket mounting side: height - 12 mm, width - 22 mm. Hole for motor mounting: 1 - 8mm diameter. Holes for chassis mounting: 2 - 3mm diameter each.


    • Material: M. S. Steel
    • Thickness: 1 mm
    • Motor Mounting Side: Height 25 mm and width 22 mm
    • Bracket Mounting Side: Height 12 mm and width 22 mm
    • Hole for Motor Mounting: 1-8mm diameter