M3 Flat Washer SS 50 pcs

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    These  M3 Flat Washer Stainless Steel are generally used with a machine threaded fastener and nut to spread the load over a greater surface area when tightening a bolt, screw or nut. As they are made of stainless steel, they have an element of corrosion resistance and are suitable for use in many environments.


    • A4, 316 plain stainless steel  

    • Construction for durability


    • M3 Flat washers are an essential part of any fastener assembly

    • They decrease the surface load when joining  materials

    • You can use them to make maintenance easier by allowing for smoother loosening and tightening of components

    • Plain washers are commonly used in many electronic, food, chemical and construction applications


    • For Screw/Bolt Size      : M3 (Form A)

    • Material                          : Stainless Steel

    • Inside Diameter             : 3.2mm

    • Outside Diameter          : 7mm

    • Stainless Steel Type     : A4 316

    • Thickness                       : 0.5mm

    • Finish                               : Plain


    • 1 X  M3 Flat Washer SS 50 pcs​​