GSR Skin Sensor CJMCU-6701 Analog SPI Module

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     CJMCU-6701 GSR Skin Sensor Module

     The human body, which can be used to measure electrical activity of the skin (EDA), is also known as the skin electrical response (GSR). EDA is actually a characteristic of the human body, leading to continuous changes in the electrical properties of the skin. EDA monitoring is often combined with monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure to provide a comprehensive understanding of some of the parameters of the human autonomic nervous system EDA measurements are an integral part of modern polygraph instruments and are often used as lie detectors. Recent research has shown that EDA looks more than it seems, so research continues to move in that direction. GSR clicks are ideal for research as an experimental tool, as well as for establishing effective test applications based on EDA-based lie detectors.


    • Supply voltage                                : DC 5V

    • ADC sampling rate                         : 100ksps

    • ADC accuracy                                  : 12 bits

    • Interface communication type     : SPI

    • Module size                                     : 32.3*17.8*6.7mm


    • 1 X   GSR Skin Sensor CJMCU-6701 Analog SPI Module