XL4016E1 DC-DC 12A 300W Step-Down 5-40V TO 1.2-35V Adjustable Power Supply Module

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    • Input Voltage: 5- 40V
    • Output Voltage: 1.2 - 35V
    • Output Current: 9A
    • Output Power: max. 300W
    • Frequency: 300kHz
    The module contains two large aluminum heat sinks ensures a better heat dissipation and more stable performance. And it contains five low resistance capacitors of 470uF/35V in parallel specially for the switch mode power supply, a 23mm large magnet and 1.0 copper wire provides high efficiency work. For safe module operation this module contains a TVs Diode to prevent voltage surge from breaking the chip.This module is widely used for storage battery, power transformers, DIY adjustable regulated power supply, industrial equipment, 12V to 3.3V, 12V to 5V, 24V to 5V, 24V to 12V, etc. ​​

    • Module nature: non-isolated buck constant current, constant voltage module (CC CV ) charging module
    • Scope: Large power LED constant current drive, rechargeable lithium batteries (including ferroelectric), 4V, 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V rechargeable batteries, Ni-H battery (a battery pack) charging, solar panels, wind generators
    • Input voltage: 5 -40 V (without constant current 5-32V)
    • Output current: maximum 12A (power tube temperature exceeds 65 degrees, please add fan cooling, 24V to 12V 6A or less, the environment can generally be without a fan)
    • Constant current range: 0.2-12A (adjustable) ( no such function without constant current)
    • The lamp current: constant current value * (0.1), the lamp current is linked with the constant current value , for example, the constant current value is 3A, and the lamp current is set to 0.1 times of the constant current (0.1*3A=0.3A) . When the current value is adjusted to 2A, the lamp current is 0.1 times of the constant current (0.1*2A=0.2A).
    • The lowest differential pressure: 1V
    • Output power: The maximum power is about 300W. If the power tube temperature exceeds 65 degrees, please add a fan.
    • Conversion efficiency: up to about 95% (the higher the output voltage, the higher the efficiency).
    • Dimension:6.5cm x 4.8cm x 2.4cm


    • 1 X  XL4016E1 DC-DC 12A 300W Step-Down 5-40V TO 1.2-35V Adjustable Power Supply Module