XL7015 DC-DC Converter Step-down Module 5V-80V Wide Voltage Input Generic

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    XL7015 DC - DC buck type module is A highly efficient, high pressure step-down DC - DC converter, provides the highest 0.8 A output current capability, low ripple, excellent linear regulation and load regulation, up to A maximum of 80 v input voltage, more than 2596 modules, etc. Chip built-in various protection mechanisms. Can be applied to electric vehicle controller, etc. 


    • 5 v to 80 v input voltage range wide

    • Output voltage from 5 v to 20 v adjustable

    • Minimum pressure drop 1 v

    • 0.8 A biggest switch current

    • Recommend the output power is less than 7 w

    • Shut off built-in overheating protection, output short circuit protection, over current protection

    • Good linear with load regulation

    • Board size : 16 mm * 44 mm


    • VIN: input voltage (5v - 80v)

    • GND: input voltage side

    • VOUT: output voltage (5v - 20v)

    • GND: output voltage to end


    • 1 X  XL7015 DC-DC Converter Step-down Module 5V-80V Wide Voltage Input