Digital Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor APDS-9930 I2C interface Generic

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    This is Digital Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor APDS-9930 I2C interface . The APDS-9930 provides digital ambient light sensing (ALS), IR LED and a complete proximity detection system in a single 8 pin package. The proximity function offers plug and play detection to 100 mm (without front glass) thus eliminating the need for factory calibration of the end equipment or sub-assembly.

    The proximity detection feature operates well from bright sunlight to dark rooms. The wide dynamic range also allows for operation in short distance detection behind dark glass such as a cell phone.

    In addition, an internal state machine provides the ability to put the device into a low power mode in between ALS and proximity measurements providing very low average power consumption. The ALS provides a photopic response to light intensity in very low light condition or behind a dark faceplate.


     > Optical modules integrated with ALS, infrared LEDs and proximity detectors
     >Ambient Light Sensing (ALS)

    • Approximate human visual response
    • Programmable interrupt capability with upper and lower thresholds
    • Up to 16-bit resolution
    • High sensitivity operation behind dark glass
    • 0.01lux low lumen performance

    > Proximity detection

    • Fully calibrated to 100 mm detection
    • Integrated infrared LED and synchronous LED driver
    • Eliminates factory calibration of the proximity sensor
    > Programmable wait timer
    • Wait for state power consumption – 90μA typical
    • Programmable range from 2.7 ms to more than 8 seconds
    • I2C interface compatible
    • Up to 400kHz (I2C fast mode)
    • Dedicated interrupt pin.


    • Operating voltage (v)                  : 2.8 ~ 3.8

    • Resolution                                     : 16-Bit

    • Model                                             : APDS-9930

    • Wait State Power                         : 90 µA

    • Operating frequency (KHz)        : 400

    • Length (mm)                                 : 18.3

    • Width (mm)                                   : 15

    • Height (mm)                                 : 4

    • Weight (gm)                                  : 2


    • Adjustable light mobile phone backlight

    • Notebook / display security

    • automatically enabled hands-free mode

    • Automatic menu pop up

    • Digital camera eye sensor


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