2S 7.4V 20A LI-ION Battery Protection Board BMS Generic

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    BMS (Battery Management System) – a battery management system that is designed to monitor the status of batteries, control the process of charging/discharging the battery, etc.

    Two batteries (18650) can be connected simultaneously to the HX-2S-D20 charge-discharge controller module. The module has protection against short circuit, overcharge and over-discharge. One of the functions of the charge controller is to turn off the power supply for the batteries when the maximum capacity of at least one battery is reached. This BMS controller is designed for more than 30,000 hours of operation. The maximum allowable current is 20 A.

    The HX-2S-D20 BMS module has 5 pins:

    B+     : Battery positive pole
    B-      : Battery negative pole
    BM    : Mid-point of a battery assembly
    P-      : Negative charge / discharge terminal
    P+     : Positive charge/discharge terminal

    If the maximum permissible value of the supply voltage is exceeded, the charge controller activates the “protection” mode. In order to restore the module, it is necessary to re-apply voltage to the input of the BMS board or wait a while until the charge controller automatically disables protection.

    Power is supplied to the module from an external power source. The voltage range of the module is from 7.4 to 8.4 V. For charging, you can use a step-up voltage converter with a current limiter. Please note that this module is not a charger.


    • Small size designed for a four-cell battery pack.

    • Simple and convenient circuit for easy connections

    • Over-charge/Over-discharge Protection.


    • Model  :HX-2S-D20

    • Over Charge Voltage Range  : 4.25-4.35 V + 0.05 V

    • Over Voltage Range  : 2.5-3.0 V + 0.05 V

    • Max. Operating Current  : 13 A

    • Max. Limiting Current  : 20 A

    • Charging Voltage  : 8.4-9 V

    • Quiescent Current  ; Lower than 10 µA

    • Internal Resistance  : <300 Ohm

    • Operating Temperature  : -40°C to +50°C

    • Dimensions : 45 x 19 x 3.5 mm

    • Weight : 4 gm


    • 1 X   2S 7.4V 20A LI-ION Battery Protection Board BMS Generic