Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration TEC1-12715 Heatsink DIY Kit

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    This is a dual-chip thermoelectric Peltier refrigeration TEC1-12715 cooler. Its working voltage is DC 12V, and the power is 144W. The cooler adopts TEC1-12715 semiconductor chilling plate, so it has outstanding effect. It is a great product for electronic enthusiasts in DIY semiconductor cooling system. With this kit, you can make cooling system for yourself conveniently. And you can choose to purchase a single cooler or a set of cooler kit according to your need. Specifications: Voltage: DC12V Power: 144W Product size: 98×60×46MM/3.86×2.36×1.81inch Power plug: US plug(110v-220v) Type(Optional): single cooler, cooler kit(Cooler, pump, water cooling, power supply, water pipe) Package Includes: 1×Single Cooler or 1 Set × Cooler kit (Cooler+pump+water cooling +power supply+water pipe) Note: 1. It can’t be used as an air conditioning for a room 


    • DC 12V Working voltage ,
    • 144W dual-chip cooler power
    • No noise, no vibration,
    • No refrigerant required, easy to use
    • Suitable for semiconductor refrigeration theory learning,
    • Research on cooling equipment and water cooling
    • Simple operation, cooling quickly,
    • Outstanding effect and good practicability
    • Adopt TEC1-12715 semiconductor chilling plate,
    • Good quality for use DC 12v


    • ​ 1 X  Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration TEC1-12715 Heatsink DIY Kit ​