XH-W1219 12V Digital Red+Green Display Temperature Controller Module Generic

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    This is XH-W1219 12V Digital Red+Green Display Temperature Controller Module W/ NTC Waterproof Temperature Sensor. The XH-W1219 thermostat module with its µC and I/O (sensor input, keys, double display, relay) can be re-programmed for automation tasks, and it’s easy to work with.

    Digital thermostat module. The temperature controller/switch with waterproof NTC probe and integrated LED display in red and green.

    Note: This board is Nuvoton based. 

    Button Functions :
    • P0(Temperature Control Mode) : When first use this product; if you are using it for heating, please set H, if using it for cooling, please set C

    • P1(Return Difference Setting) : Long press SET key entering into the internal setting, choose P1 setting; then press SET key to achieve return difference value setting

    • P2(Temperature Calibration) : This function is for temperature calibration. If detection temperature and the actual temperature is different, then users can apply this function to calibrate

    • P3(Delay Start) : This function is for compressor cooling

    • P4(Set High-Temperature Alarm Value) : When the actual temperature is higher than this value, the screen will flash and sound an alarm


    • Model : XH-W1219

    • Control Range(°C) : -50 to +110

    • Control Precision(°C) : 0.1

    • Measuring Input : NTC10K Sensor

    • High-Temperature Alarm(°C) : -49 to +110

    • Input Voltage (V) : 12

    • Output Type : Relay Output 10A (max)

    • Return Difference Setting(°C) : 0.1 to 30

    • Delay Starting(min) : 0 to 10

    • Temperature Calibration(°C) : -10 to 10

    • Dimensions : 60 X 44 X 17 mm

    • Weight : 22 gm


    • 1 X XH-W1219 12V Digital Red+Green Display Temperature Controller Module Generic

    • 1 X NTC Waterproof Temperature Sensor