KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor Module Generic

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    The KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor Module is based on the thermistor (resistance increases with the ambient temperature changes) which sense the real-time temperature of the surrounding environment changes. Change in temperature data in analog form can be taken from this module on analog IO pins, then through any microcontroller, it can be easily converted and displayed in Celsius degrees or any other respective Unit.


    • Operating Voltage : 5v.

    • Temperature measurement range : -55C to 125C.

    • Measurement Accuracy : 0.5C.


    • Operating voltage : 5V

    • Temperature measurement range (C) : -55 ~ +125

    • Measurement Accuracy : 0.5C

    • Dimensions : 24.5 x 16 x 7 mm

    • Weight : 1 gm


    • 1 X  KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor Module Generic