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    Brand: Arduino

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    ​​The Arduino Explore IoT Kit helps advanced high school and college students get started with the fundamental concepts of the Internet of Things. It includes all necessary hardware, software, learning content, and support. Recommended for one or two students, the kit’s hardware includes one MKR 1010 board, the Maker IoT carrier with five tactile buttons and squared LCD display, a set of sensors and actuators, cables, and more. All components are packed into a robust reusable toolbox, ideal for storage and years of use. The kit also gives students access to an online platform with 10 exciting learning activities, which introduce them to the core concepts of IoT and challenge them to build real-world applications. With one Explore IoT Kit you get a 12-month free trial subscription to Arduino Create Maker plan, the premium subscription to our online coding platform. With it, students will also learn to control objects remotely using Arduino Create and its IoT Cloud application.


    • ​​Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 board

    • ​MKR IoT Carrier designed for this kit, 

    • Two 24 V relays

    • SD card holder

    • Five Tactile buttons

    • Plug and play connectors for different sensors

    • Temperature sensor

    • Humidity sensor

    • Pressure sensor

    • RGBC, Gesture and Proximity

    • IMU

    • RGB 1.20” display

    • 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery holder (battery not included)

    • Five RGB LEDs

    • Plastic encasing

    • Micro USB cable

    • Moisture sensor

    • PIR sensor

    • Plug-and-play cables for all the sensors​

    • Software - The Explore IoT Kit includes a 12 months free trial