Arduino Multipurpose / Multifunctions Shield V1 By Generic

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    ​Multi-purpose Shield V1 is a learning board based on Arduino. No need for soldering and connection. Download directly the program to complete experiment. It is multi-purpose and You can use them directly. There are extended ports on the shield to help you to complete other experiment.


    • Compatible with main controllers such as UNO R3 and MEGA2560.
    • Using two-channel LED indicator to show the working condition of program for modulating program conveniently
    • Completing external interrupt experiment by two-channel keyswitch
    • Measuring temperature and humidity with DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module
    • Do temperature measuring experiment with LM35D temperature sensor
    • Utilizing photovaristor to detect the brightness of light
    • Detecting infrared receiving by infrared receiver
    • One IIC interface
    • One TTL serial port