Plusivo Basic Soldering Kit (230V, Plug Type: EU)

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    Brand : Plusivo

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    This is a basic soldering kit containing a 60W temperature controlled soldering iron, which comes with two additional soldering iron tips. The kit includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repair jobs, and other soldering projects.


    • Complete Soldering Kit

    • Premium Quality Components

    • Soldering Iron Kit

    • Durable Cardboard Box


    • Plug Type : EU

    • Soldering Gun : 60 Watt

    • Operating Voltage : 230 VAC


    • PCB soldering kit

    • Home DIY electronics kit soldering

    • Educational learn to solder kit (solder practice kit)

    • Electrical use and electronic projects or repair jobs

    • Simple wiring of small appliances

    • Educational projects (learning and practice soldering)

    • Development of simple electronic circuit boards

    • Wire connections and reworks


    • 1 X  Plusivo Basic Soldering Kit (230V, Plug Type: EU)