Mini Wire Brush Set Steel Brass Nylon Bristle For Cleaning

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    3 pcs Mini Wire Brush Set includes 1 nylon wire brush, 1 brass wire brush and 1 stainless steel wire brush which can be conveniently used for cleaning various kitchen appliances like gas burner, taps, etc. The stainless steel wire brush for removing rust loose paint, polishing and texturing metals, brass wire brush for cleaning a gas range clogged with dirt & nylon wire brush for removing dirt and dust remained in an opening. Angled head reaches corners and cleans dirt and debris. The wire brush set is great for heavy scrapping and cleaning in tight, narrow places. It can also be used for polishing and texturing metals for a wide variety of uses when working on your car or around the home, kitchen and bathroom.


    • 3 pcs Mini Wire Brush Set - Includes: (1) Nylon Wire Brush, (1) Brass Wire Brush, (1) Stainless Steel Wire Brush.
    • Nylon Bristles Brush for Removing Dirt and Dust Remained in an Opening.
    • Brass Bristles Brush for Cleaning a Gas Range Stove Clogged With Dirt.
    • Stainless Steel Bristles Brush for Removing Rust.
    • Angled Head Reaches Hard to Reach Corners and Cleans Hard to Clean Surfaces.

    Package includeds: