IR Car remote controller

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    The new ultra-thin 38K universal infrared remote control, NEC encoding format 1-21-key remote control, USB port stereo, car MP3, foot bath, lighting, digital photo frame, microcontroller development board, learning board, etc..


    • Remote control distance: more than 8 meters
    • Launch tube infrared wavelength: 940Nm
    • Crystal: the oscillation frequency of 455 KHz
    • IR carrier frequency: 38KHz
    • Encoding: the encoding format of the NEC, upd6122 encoding scheme, the user code 00FF, key coding below picture
    • Size: 86 * 40 * 6mm
    • Frequency: 38K
    • Power supply: CR2025/160mAH
    • Button: free height is less than 3mm, the force 200-350g, the life of more than 200 000.