Light Sensitive Photoresistor 5mm LDR Senor 5 Pcs Generic

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    LDRs or Light Dependent Resistors are very useful especially in light/dark sensor circuits. Normally the resistance of an LDR is very high, sometimes as high as 1000 000 ohms, but when they are illuminated with light resistance drops dramatically. Easy to Use, Highly Reliable. If you need to repair or maintain dimmer switches, optical relays, street lights, auto flashers or other applications where the intensity of light is paramount, this ceramic LDR photocell resistor will help you complete your task.


    • Dark resistance: 500k Ohm
    • Light resistance: 8~24K Ohm
    • Max. power: 30mW
    • Module can be used with Arduino, embedded, ARM or any other MCU


    • 1 X  Light Sensitive Photoresistor 5mm LDR Senor 5 Pcs Generic