High Voltage Generator Boost Inverter DC 3.7V-7.4V to 400KV by Generic

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    • DC 3.7V-7.4V to 400KV High Voltage Generator Boost Inverter Module :


    • This high-voltage generator module is based on the principle of Tesla coil.
    • This small high efficiency module can release high-voltage pulse output with simple external circuit power supply.
    • Ideal for students to study electrical experiment, do science experiment, etc.
    • Input: 3.7V - 7.4V / 4A
    • Output Voltage: 400KV/0.5A
    • Dimension: 67 x 25mm (LxD)


    • Input Voltage: DC 3.7V - 7.4V
    • Input Current: 4A
    • Input Wire Length: 27cm (Red positive Green negative)
    • Output Voltage: 400KV (Please be careful when using)
    • Output Current: 0.5A
    • Discharge Time: 10s