Battery Holder Case for 2 AA size cell - 2PCS Generic

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    A battery holder is either a plastic case with the shape of the housing molded as a compartment or compartments that accepts a battery or batteries, or a separate plastic holder that is mounted with screws, eyelets, glue, double-sided tape, or other means. Battery holders may have a lid to retain and protect the batteries, or may be sealed to prevent damage to circuitry and components from battery leakage. Coiled spring wire or flat tabs that press against the battery terminals are the two most common methods of making the electrical connection inside a holder. External connections on battery holders are usually made by contacts with pins, surface mount feet, solder lugs, or wire leads.Where the battery is expected to last over the life of the product, no holder is necessary, and a tab welded to the battery terminals can be directly soldered to a printed circuit board.


    • Brand new and good quality
    • Material: Durable plastic
    • Dimensions: 5.5cm X 3.0cm
    • Color: White

    Package Includes:

    • 2 x Battery Holder Case for 2 AA size cell Generic