Glue Gun Stick - 50 Pcs

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    • For Almost All Bonding Jobs... Trigger-Feed For Even Glue Flow.
    • Perfect For Home Repairs Hobbies And Crafts.
    • Usage 1. Plug-In Gun. Load The Glue Sticks Into The Back Of The Gun.
    • 2. Press Trigger Several Times Until The Glue Stick Is Firmly Set Into The Inlet Tube
    • 3. Allow The Glue Gun To Warm Up For Approx.5 Minutes
    • 4. Squeeze Trigger Until Glue Flows From Nozzle Some Examples Of Usage: Repair Holes In Window Screens Reattach The Float For A Tank After Its Mount Corroded Away Repair Broken Tail Light Covers On Cars Reattach Trim On Cars Reattach