Mechanical Limit Switch End Stop Module Generic

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    The mechanical endstop uses a lever switch to detect when it is activated. The switch is wired up so that when activated, it pulls the signal to LOW. There is also an LED on the board that will light up when the switch is activated.It uses a standard 4 pin, 100" pitch header and accepts a standard.


    •  It is not easy to pull, plug it convenient, for easy use, plug the other side to make the one, you can use the direct plug. 

    • Cable type: 22awg 

    • Working voltage / current: 300 v / 2a 

    • Temperature resistance: 80 degrees celsius

    • Red line connecting vcc (+ ramps) 

    • Black cable connecting gnd (ramps of -) 

    • Green line connection signal (ramps on s) 

    • Cable length: About 70 cm.