Current Transformer 10A PCB Mount Sensor 1000:1

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    It is a general purpose chassis mounting 10A Current Transformer. It takes Maximum Value: 252 Ohms. (As per Eqn. R = Vct X N / Ip ) and Recommended Burden Resistance (Ra): Maximum Value: 524 Ohms.Here Vct is considered as the CT secondary voltage signal required to feed the AtoD converter of uC and it is assumed to be less than the absolute maximum rating of an input pin of the AtoD converter. Vct = Vout below 1 Volts for accurate reading this implies that lower value of burden resistance helps increase accuracy. Using higher bit ADC increases the precision level. Current Transformer with PC Housing for better insulation and environmental protection


    • Primary Current 1 Amp
    • Maximum Primary Current 10 Amp
    • Maximum Primary Current 10 Amp
    • Secondary Current 8.3 mA
    • Winding Ratio 11200
    • Frequency 50 Hz


    • Energy Meters
    • Electronic Circuit Breaker
    • Motor Speed Controllers & Current Sensors


    • 1 X  Current Transformer 10A PCB Mount Sensor 1000:1