Microwave Radar Sensor RCWL 0516 Generic

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    The RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Sensor module has been designed as an alternative to the common PIR motion sensors widely used in burglar alarms and security lights. Like the PIR sensor, this sensor also detects only movements within its detection range. But instead of sniffing the blackbody radiation from a moving person, this sensor uses a “microwave Doppler radar” technique to detect moving objects. It has a sensitivity range of ~7 meters. When triggered, its TTL-level output (OUT) pin will switch from LOW (0 V) to HIGH (3.3 V) for a finite time (2 to 3 s) before returning to its idle (LOW) state. This flexible sensor module can easily be used in conjunction with many microcontrollers and even without a microcontroller at all. It can handle power supply inputs anywhere from 4 to 28 V.


    • Transmission signal processing control chip RCWL-9196.
    • Wide operating voltage range 4.0V to 28.0V
    • Penetrating detection capability, compared with the traditional infrared feeling PIR
    • Adjustable Block time and distance
    • 3.3V output power supply


    • 1 x RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Sensor