Dark Activated Switch Controlled DIY Kit

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    This Circuit is Dark Activated Switch.When the darkness has occurred then the light is automatically ON.Here we used the LDR sensor for detecting the light.This circuit is very simple and very easy to assemble by hobbyists at any level.

    Working/About the Circuit:

    The main part of this circuit is the LDR sensor it detect the light intensity.When the Darkness(Night) has occurred then this sensor data is sent to the transistor T1 is status is ON and the Resistor is connected to the LED and the LED is ON. When in the Daytime then the sensitivity of the Light is high and sensor is detect it and the data will send to the T1 but this time T1 is OFF state Now the LED is OFF.


      • Automatic street light
      • Home Automation
      • Industrial Automation etc...

      Note: This Kit is Unassemble User can Assemble it by Own Self.