Cooler Timer DIY Kit

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    This circuit control the on and off time of cooler water pump according to the user requirement. The minimum and maximum time setting are fraction of second and one-and-a-half minute respectively.

    Working/About the Circuit:

    The circuit is designed using popular timer IC555.The circuit facilitate time adjustment of both charged and discharged states of the relay.When power is on, capacitor C3 starts charging via R1/VR2/R2 and on time of pump starts. When its voltage reaches to 2/3Vcc, it starts discharging via R2/VR1/R1.Now off time of pump starts and when its voltage reaches to a value less than 1/3Vcc, it starts charging again and procedure repeats again.

    During on time transistor T1 turns on and relay connected at the collector terminal gets energized and in turns pump becomes on. During off pulse, T1 turns off and relay becomes off which in turn makes pump off.Separate delays for charged and discharged states of the relay are achieved by using two diodes (D1 and D2) and two preset VR1 and VR2.The circuit turns on and off with setting of ‘on’ time delay and ‘off’ time delay.


      • It is used for Cooler water pump
      • Toys

      Note: This kit comes unassembled, User can assemble easily with the included user guide.