Fire Alarm DIY Kit

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    This is basic Circuit for the alert of Fire Alarm.In this Circuit when the Temperature is high then the connected speaker is ON. Here the Heat sensor Germanium (GE) diode is used it detect the Temperature. At temperature about 60oC and above.

    Working/About the Circuit:

    The Diode D1 is the heat sensor it is connected to the T1. When the Temp is Low then the no effect on the T1 and the Speaker is Off.

      When the temp increases then the Diode D1 reverse resistance drops a value below 1KW. The T1 condution will stop and the speaker is on. Here the VR1 is used for the temperature sensitivity.


        • Household
        • Industrial Application
        • Banking Sector, Multiplex, Mall etc.

         Note: This Kit is Unassemble user can assemble it by on your Self.